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Get Your Craft On

Friday, May 21, 2010

Anyone feeling the need to be crafty lately?  I’ve been itching to get my craft on.  You all should see the list of projects that I’m hoping to tackle this summer.  Whew.  I’m both tired & poor just thinking about it.  The Home Depot had better stock up on paint.

Here are some crafty things that I’m loving on.

This is a fabulous resource for all things printable.  Oh & the party ideas make me drool.

She makes me wish that I had an unlimited stash of fabrics…and a sewing machine that wasn’t made in 1975 (I’m taking retro to a whole new level, folks).

I spotted these a little before Mother’s Day & haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since.

Ready for a secret?  I’m a closet lover of office supplies.  The line in You’ve Got Mail that talks about a “bouquet of sharpened pencils” gets me every time.  So you can imagine how I felt when I stumbled about these babies.

Recently I jumped on the meal planning band-wagon.  I was a perpetual “What in the world should I make for dinner tonight?  McDonalds it is!” person, but the tides have changed.  This has been a HUGE help.  Huge I tell you.  Just ask Joe, he’s been pretty proud of me.

This blog isn’t a craft one…but I’ve recently started reading it religiously. What an amazing mom with an even more amazing little girl.

And just for good measure I thought I’d show ya’ll (I’m feeling like a southern belle tonight) my latest crafty project.  For mother’s day I went and picked up several cylinder vases, some dried reeds, & a bit of ribbon.

Here’s the dried reed stuff.  I don’t know what it is technically called, but I like my name.  They were SUPER long & the bunch came with both green & white.  I used our clippers (again, I’m bad with technical names) to cut them down to size.  I didn’t want them all perfectly the same length.  They all varied within half an inch of each other.

On each vase I put 2 rubber band & simply slid the clipped reed between both bands & the vase.  I did this about a zillion times, placing them as close together as possible & varying the colors randomly.  Just keep going until the vase is completely covered with reeds.

Then just simply tie the ribbon around your rubber bands to cover them up.  You’re done!  Well, I’d put some flowers in the vase.  In fact, I did put flowers in them before giving them to the moms in our lives but it would have been far to smart of me to take pictures at that point.  You’ll have to trust me, they looked beautiful!

Also, if I ever do this in the future, I WILL TOTALLY be adding some glue under the reeds after they have all been placed. You have to be super careful that the vase doesn’t slide out from under the reeds when you pick them up.  It’s a simple step that would make them MUCH better.

Whew, this turned into a long post.  Hopefully you found something here that inspires you!  Happy Weekending, friends!


Twenty Six

Monday, May 17, 2010

My 30th birthday is looming (115 days, but who’s counting)…and I have pretty much been freaking out about it since the day I turned 22.  Seriously, I don’t know why but it’s totally freaked me out.  People keep telling me that your 30s are your best decade.  Whatever.  I wanna be 26 for the rest of my life.  Sue me.

Just a few minutes ago I was brushing my teeth & caught a glimpse of a wiry little gray patch of hairs in the middle of my brunette locks (courtesy of Anne).  Wha?  I immediate showed them to my loving husband, expecting him to show great empathy & support.  But what does he do?  He responds with, “Yeah, I noticed those a few days ago but didn’t want to say anything.”  Perfect.  Not only do I have a PATCH of gray hair but people are noticing them!

I just wanna be 26.

On a happier note, I have cute kids.  See:

I’m pretty sure they’ll still love me with a head full of gray hair.

And The Truth Comes Out

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last year for Mother’s Day, I took Joe by the hand & showed him the exact purse that I wanted.  Couldn’t have made it any easier on him, right?  I never been one of those people who won’t tell my husband what I want.  Let’s not play those games, he’s happy because he doesn’t have to play guessing games & I’m happy because I get what I really want.

Anyway, about a month ago I started carrying the springy purse that he got me for Mother’s Day.  He immediate noticed that I was carrying it again and commented.

Joe:   “Oh, that’s the purse I got you on Mother’s Day!”

Me:  “Well kinda, it’s the purse you got me FOR Mother’s Day.”

Joe:  “Nope…on”

Me:  “Joe, you gave it to me right after church on Mother’s Day…like RIGHT after church.”

Joe:  “Yup”

Me:  “Huh?”

Joe:  “On Mother’s Day last year I played guitar in the worship set at church, during the sermon I ran to the mall to get the purse, and then rushed back to play in the 2nd worship set!”

Smart man to not tell me until 11 months later.

(To Joe’s credit, he did a great job with my gift this year.  It was obviously something he put some time and effort into…unfortunately I’m not going to tell you about it today.  You need pictures to do it justice, so it’ll have to wait.)

Genius Parenting

Friday, May 7, 2010

So Joe & I have managed to pull off a genius parenting move.  I’m 100%  that it will come back to bite us in the butt at some point, but for now it’s genius & more importantly it makes us laugh.  So it’s completely worth it.

We have managed to convince Elle that the Ice Cream Truck that drives through our neighborhood a couple times a week is simply a Music Truck.  Just a cute truck that drives slowly through neighborhoods playing music for the families that live there.  I laugh EVERY time she gets excited to see the Music Truck.

This happened completely by accident.  Several years ago a coworker was telling me about how a friend of hers did this to her kids.  About 4 years later their kids came stomping home after being at a friends house & learned what the Music Truck really sold delicious chilled treat that make their heart soar.  I thought it was hilarious.  So one day were we in our driveway when the Ice Cream Truck drove past & I jokingly said, “Look, it’s the Music Truck.”  And apparently Elle fell for it, & has continued to “fall for it” for months.

I’ll let ya know when we’re busted, but in the mean time I’m going to enjoy her not begging for ice cream.