She’s 4 and We’re All Sick


Well it’s easy to say that this past week is one that I’d rather not relive.  We had SO much planned, Joe & I took some time off to work to celebrate Elle’s 4th birthday & the impending arrival of our nephew Judah.  Oh how those plans changed.

Thursday was Elle’s actual birthday & the zoo was our destination.  We woke up early (well, we always wake up early because we have a 9 month old) & trucked it out to the zoo.  At our zoo all the paid attractions are free the 1st hour the zoo is open (general admission is always free) & Elle NEEDED to pet the sting rays.  Of course she would have nothing to do with touching the sting rays once we go there, but that’s ok.  It was her birthday & she could just stare at them if she wanted to.

About an hour into our excursion Elle really started to drag.  She was pretty whiny & miserable so we headed home.  About 30 seconds after getting home were realized that she was miserable because she had a stomach virus.  A temp of 103 & lots of throwing up.  What a lovely 4th birthday!  Here are some pictures before she started getting sick.

She's 4!

Paisley's first trip to the zoo. Can't you tell how excited she is?

Joe was the only one that would touch the sting rays. Ladies don't touch sting rays...or are too chicken.

The biggest bummer, she was scheduled to have her very first friend birthday party the next day.  I felt awful doing it, but we cancelled the party.  Honestly, Elle was too sick to be too sad about it.  The party had grown to 50 people so it took me quite awhile to make the phone calls.  Not to mention, I randomly had zero voice on Thursday.  Felt completely fine, but sounded like death.  I felt bad that Elle was sick on her birthday, but I was kinda relieved to not be make 50+ cupcakes that night.  Silver lining.

Bummed about the cancelled party.

On Friday Elle was still running a fever, but she was feeling more like herself and she needed a bit of cheering up about the bummer of a birthday.  My parents decided to help in that department.  They brought over her birthday present.

Pure. Joy.

Taking her for a spin

By Friday night we dubbed Elle cured.  Which was good because Saturday was going to be a very full day.  My sister-in-law (Amanda) & I were throwing a baby shower for our soon to arrive nephew, Judah.  I’m going to save the details on the shower for a later post.  It was too fun not to have it’s own post.  I’ll just give you a hint, it included Paula Abdul, Poptarts & brownie pops.

After the baby celebration my sisters-in-law & I took my mom to see Sex & the City 2 (it’s a tradition to make my mom go).  It was a bit disappointing, but honestly I could watch Carrie & Big brush their teeth & be completely satisfied.  I’m easy to please.

Sunday was an unusually quiet morning at church, but I as ok with that.  That evening my college roommate & her family were in town so they came out for dinner.  We had a great time.  It will be so weird when they move to Italy later this year but we are so excited for them.  The girls had a great time running around like crazy.  I love watching them interact with each other.

Monday we met our entire family at Red Robin for Elle’s birthday lunch.  She was SUPER excited, mostly because she knew she would get ice cream after her meal.  That child is having a love affair with ice cream, she’s a McGill.  When we got home Joe started to feel a bit under the weather.  Just when I thought the virus was contained with Elle I am proved wrong.  Joe stayed in bed with a fever, vomiting, & only 1 passing out episode (he has a tendency to do that when he runs a fever, it’s lovely) for 36 hours.

Then this morning Miss Paisley decided to take her turn getting sick.  She’s currently on nap #2 of the day & it’s only 11:14am.  Poor kid.  So far she has a fever & isn’t throwing up.  I’m praying that it stays that way.

I’m the last one standing .  I feel like a ticking time bomb.  Let’s get this week behind us!

4 Responses to “She’s 4 and We’re All Sick”

  1. jamie Says:

    Oh, Kelli! I’m sorry that it’s been such a crazy & sick week – hope you stay standing! Glad there have been some fun moments interspersed with the icky ones. And Happy 4th Birthday Elle!

  2. ron Says:

    tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.
    (fizzle) SHE STAYS WELL!!!! (Praying for your protection from The Bug.)

  3. tiffanynevil Says:

    so sorry that everyone is sick! we’ve been super sick this year too and it is no fun. because i’m lazy, i’m gonna combine comments here and say great job on the invites for the baby shower. love the theme too! hope you all get to feeling better!

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