Brace Yourself


You are going to get SO sick of me this week.  Joe & I both took the week off work & we are just spending time as a family here in STL.  No real agenda, just being a family, relaxing, getting some stuff done that we’ve been putting off due to lack of time. Our original plan was to go to Chicago for a couple days, but the reality of traveling baby squashed those plans.  Being slaves to a morning nap, an afternoon nap & a 7:00 bedtime didn’t sound like a lot of fun while trying to having fun in a different city.

My plan is to pop on here several times a day & fill ya in on what we are up to.  But first father’s day was lovely.  Elle & I got our craft on & made this card for Joe.  It’s an iDad (get it, iPad…)

All the app icons flipped up & said words that describe Joe

His gift is Sting tickets for Wednesday night.  Love gifts that I can also benefit from!

That morning Joe led worship at our church.  So it wasn’t exactly relaxing for him, but he did a great job.  He & I are both so busy on Sundays mornings that our paths rarely cross so when people make the connection between the two of us it cracks me up.  We’ve been at the church for 6+ years.

That afternoon we headed over to McGillinois for a father’s day celebration with Joe’s Dad & family.  Much fun was had in the pool & Paisley enjoyed being fed some McGill family secret recipe homemade ice creme.

My girls are seriously incredibly blessed to have so many amazing men in their lives.


3 Responses to “Brace Yourself”

  1. Nicole Says:

    i was hoping for lots of blogging while you’re on vacation!

  2. tiffanynevil Says:

    FUN! Can’t wait to have something to read while I hide from rain. 😦

  3. Amanda Mohr Says:

    I love love love the picture of Elle and Joe!!! TOO CUTE!!!

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