Hot Hot Heat


In efforts to beat the heat today, we headed to Grant’s Farm at 9am.  Not a bad plan, it was down right pleasant outside for the 1st hour and a half that we were there.  Let me start off by saying (and I totally realize that this is a big faux-pa to say in St Louis) but I enjoy Grants Farms so much more than the zoo.  At least this is true at the current parenting stage that we are in.  We have an amazing FREE zoo here, but it’s big & hilly.  I feel like when we go there that we have to cover so much area before we leave.  But Grant’s Farm is the perfect size for us right now.  You can do the whole thing easily in under 3 hours (we did it in 2 today).  PLUS the beauty of having small children, they don’t remember going there the year before.  Elle went last year, but didn’t remember it at all.

Look!  Joe had the camera today so there is proof that I was actually there with the girls 🙂

Riding the tram (I need to work on my posture)

Paisley was more interested in the people behind us than anything else. Next time we'll just take a ride on a city bus to make her happy.

She could be the next Pioneer Woman...

or goat groomer.

We were home by noon!  Which was perfect because around 10:30 I literally started melting.  It was so hot we didn’t even bother to take a picture of a single clydesdale.  Taking a picture would require a tad bit of effort and all of our effort was going towards standing upright in the humidity.

2 Responses to “Hot Hot Heat”

  1. Bethany Says:

    Today we spent the day at the City Gardens, splashing in the water. It was AWESOME, nice and cool. You definitely have to take the girls there while you’re on “vacation” 🙂 Bring a picnic lunch (and prepare to find a restroom somewhere, b/c the park doesn’t have any). It’s definitely waaaay cooler and less-goatier than Grants Farm!

  2. Robin Says:

    LOVE Grants Farm. I’ve ALWAYS thought it was better than the zoo. My kids still think that!

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