Drury Studio


I may soon my lining my walls in photograph wallpaper!  My good friend Tim (we’ve been friend since 2 & were even in each others weddings) is an amazing youth pastor, but he also has a little side business.  He started taking pictures of us 2 years ago & we’ve loved the results of every session.  But this time he has gone above & beyond.  Sheesh, I seriously may wallpaper our walls with these pictures!

In this pic she had just finished singing "A Whole New World" from the Little Mermaid with Tim's wife, Sarah Jane

This is SO Elle

I heart her, how is the world is she 4 years old already?

And here is the picture frame shot that I was telling you about yesterday.  It turned out great!

I’m dying to see the rest of the pics!


2 Responses to “Drury Studio”

  1. Linda S. Says:

    Great pictures of great subject! I heart her, too!

  2. tiffanynevil Says:

    Ok, I SO want to move to St. Louis JUST for this reason! All your pictures you guys have had taken by him have been amazing and I’m dying to try him out! YAY!

    She is so gorgeous!

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