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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paisley decided to test her climbing skills this morning while I was at the grocery store.  Notice how my husband grabbed his phone before grabbing the child.

I should mention that this child can’t even walk yet.  Wait, she can’t even stand independently, but climbing was a good idea to her.


Knock, Knock

Friday, July 30, 2010

Anybody still out there?  My first instinct is to appoligize for being so absent lately…but really, I’m sure you all are going on with your lives just fine.  So you get no appoligy from me.  Life has been absolutely insane lately.  Insaner than I have ever imagined.  In fact, life is looking a lot different for our little family than it did a year ago.

In the past year we welcomed sweet Paisley Rae to our family.  She has completely enriched our lives with her laid back personality & spunk.  I have a feeling that she may end up having just as much (if not more) personality than her sister.  Which is a thought I have a hard time wrapping my mind around.  Her first birthday is 2 weeks away!  2 weeks, people!  How did this happen?  Make it stop.

Lots has changed for Joe too.  8 months ago he was working full time, traveling doing the whole band thing & trying to find a way to quit his job to do more band stuff.  And now he isn’t traveling with them anymore AND he just got a new job.  We had really felt God starting to stir his heart the past several months on the job front.  And without even really looking for anything he learned about a new position at Wash U working for this department.  It’s is really the perfect fit for him.  He’ll be using both the technical & creative side of his brain.  Plus religion & politics are 2 of his favorite interests, if they asked him to write them a theme song every now & then he would think that he had died & gone to heaven.  I wonder what a theme song about religion & politics would sound like?

Work has had me completely swamped lately.  I decided to change curriculums for the classes that I am over.  Its a MUCH needed change (in my opinion) but I’m praying that my volunteers will feel the same way.  I’m crazy nervous about meeting resistance from them.  But this new curriculum has sparked something in me.  Something that I haven’t felt in a long time.  Even thought it’s plopped a ton of work on my plate.  We have to take this 1 hour curriculum & stretch it for 3 hours.  Hello First Free, did you get the memo that we’re the only church that has a 3 hour children’t program?  Anyway, back to my point, I have 3 more weeks to get the curriculum all ready, inspire about 3 dozen  more volunteers (I’m boycotting the word “recruit” sounds too army/boot campy to me…I’m now INSPIRING people to serve), organize how about 2 dozen classrooms will be laid out for the fall, feed 190 volunteers lunch one afternoon, hold 2 training meetings for newly INSPIRED volunteers, and hold 2 parent meetings to hopefully get them excited about our new program & INSPIRE them to be the spiritual driving force in their kids lives.  No biggie.  Oh & I’ll try to keep up with laundry & feeding my children between now & then, but I may be calling my mom to help keep me afloat on that one.

One of my favorite changes that has happened this past year is that we started a small group with some good friends.  This was a family goal that Joe & I set in 2008 (don’t judge people)!  Nobody said we’re efficient.   I have greatly enjoyed getting to know these people more & creating a family community between all of us.  Our group had a big scare this week (I’ll blog more on this later), but it was amazing to see how God pulled one family out of a terrifying experience.  I can’t wait to celebrate with them on Sunday!

Alright…I should go do some work.

Oh My.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To make up for going over a week without a single blog…I give you this:


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is the 2nd piece of mail we have received from the St Louis Post Dispatch (I removed our address).  Look closely.

Really?  Jesus Criminy?  Anyone want to fess up that they used our address & this alias on some mailing list?  Also, if you happen to be around my children & Elle randomly shouts “Jesus Criminy” you can blame me.  I keep saying it because it cracks me up.  Oops.

I Miss Vacation

Friday, July 2, 2010

You all got the shakes going through Kellogues withdrawals this week, didn’t you.  I knew it.  Sorry to be so absent.  Going back to work this week knocked me for a loop.  Turns out that I function much better when I am on vacation.  Who knew!

Three things:

1.  Elle’s Sunday School Teacher told me that Elle announced to their class on Sunday that “sometimes her mom & dad let her pee in the shower.” It was quite awkward when I had to tell the teacher that Elle was unfortunately telling the truth.  We immediately had a discussion with Elle about what is & isn’t ok to talk about in public.

I posted about that whole situation here…and predicted that I would someday regret that decision.  Apparently I can read the future.

2.  Our friend Jeremy is set to arrive home from a years deployment in Afghanistan at pretty much any moment.  We are so proud of him & excited to have him back in on US soil.  Check out his wife’s blog to see how it all happens in the next few days.

3.  We got a the rest of our pictures back from Tim.  How will we ever choose?