I Miss Vacation


You all got the shakes going through Kellogues withdrawals this week, didn’t you.  I knew it.  Sorry to be so absent.  Going back to work this week knocked me for a loop.  Turns out that I function much better when I am on vacation.  Who knew!

Three things:

1.  Elle’s Sunday School Teacher told me that Elle announced to their class on Sunday that “sometimes her mom & dad let her pee in the shower.” It was quite awkward when I had to tell the teacher that Elle was unfortunately telling the truth.  We immediately had a discussion with Elle about what is & isn’t ok to talk about in public.

I posted about that whole situation here…and predicted that I would someday regret that decision.  Apparently I can read the future.

2.  Our friend Jeremy is set to arrive home from a years deployment in Afghanistan at pretty much any moment.  We are so proud of him & excited to have him back in on US soil.  Check out his wife’s blog to see how it all happens in the next few days.

3.  We got a the rest of our pictures back from Tim.  How will we ever choose?


5 Responses to “I Miss Vacation”

  1. Jan Says:

    If that’s the worst parental thing Elle ever announces to the public at large you’ll still be just fine. 😉

  2. Nicole Says:

    *whispering* we let our kids pee in the shower, too. shhhh….

  3. megaen Says:

    Oh, I’m just waiting for all the parent teacher conferences I’m gonna be called in to with Neva. And I plan to blame it allll on Sam!!! Hee hee! Loooooove the pictures!

  4. Robin Says:

    What are you supposed to do, rinse them, dry them, and get… wait, she’s gone already.. Its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to NOT allow them! Don’t worry we got your back.

    LOVE the family pics!! ALL are gorgeous!

  5. Tiffany Nevil Says:

    Oh Kelli! THANKS! We love you guys too and I am FREAKING OUT! My stomach is all in knots and weird. Our Bible Study/Small Group came over last night and helped me decorate. It was so fun but it has made it so much more real. So now I can’t figure out why I am so nervous! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Love the pics babe. They are so gorgeous!

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