This is the 2nd piece of mail we have received from the St Louis Post Dispatch (I removed our address).  Look closely.

Really?  Jesus Criminy?  Anyone want to fess up that they used our address & this alias on some mailing list?  Also, if you happen to be around my children & Elle randomly shouts “Jesus Criminy” you can blame me.  I keep saying it because it cracks me up.  Oops.


9 Responses to “Criminy”

  1. Erika Kleine Says:

    I hate to point fingers…but this screams Ron Woods.

  2. ron Says:

    A hundred bucks says he can.

  3. jimmah Says:

    your mom wouldn’t do that.

    this reeks of kristi mcgill.

  4. tiffanynevil Says:

    that reeks of all the mcgill’s…Jesus Criminy! It’s almost like Jim Carrey’s line in Liar, Liar, “MOTHER OF PEARL!”

  5. Scott Says:

    My money is on Joe.

  6. Kelli Says:

    Ha! That is HILARIOUS! Jesus Criminy, that made me laugh…

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