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I’m Outta Here

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sorry for the tease post yesterday (some of you google reader users may have caught it).  I posted something to this blog that was supposed to go on my work blog.  Oops!

Anyway, I am on the verge of being giddy today.  A couple months ago Nicole, Robin & I planned a girls weekend to Chicago.  The “reason” for the trip was to celebrate my upcoming birthday but let’s be honest, it’s just really about the 3 of us getting out of town without children.  Our husbands will all be holding down the forts while we galavant around the Windy City.  Lot’s of shopping, meals without cutting up other people food, an adult beverage or two, possibly a pedicure, a pit stop at Ikea.  Life is good, my friends.

Tomorrow afternoon my dad will be coming over to hang with Elle & Pais while I head north.  Dad is great with my girls, but I never quiet know what will happen while I’m gone.  He has earned this reputation.  When Elle was just over 1, Dad was keeping her for me.  When I returned home everything seemed to be fine.  Dad left & I just went on with my day.  A while later I was changing Elle’s diaper to find a little message.  He had written “Hi Mom” across her bum with a sharpie!  You can be assured that all sharpies will be removed from our home before he arrives tomorrow.

Oh!  And because I am a fabulous mother…I should mention that Paisley had her first birthday.  I don’t plan on ignoring it!  In the mean time, check out some of the pictures from her birthday here.


Excuse Me?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So we have a 4 year old at our house that is in the beginning stages of learning to read.  It’s super fun…and as we learned yesterday SUPER entertaining.  All of us were in the car heading to grab dinner with some extended family.  Joe & I were chatting when we hear a little voice ask what is in the big tractor-trailer next to us.  Having no idea, we simply said that we didn’t know & went back to our conversation.  After a few seconds she starts saying what sounded like “assholes” over and over.  Wha?  She was quite proud of herself but we needed clarification.  After spelling the word to us, we discovered that the truck said ASL on it so it much be carrying “asls” in it.  Duh!

Bright side:  She implementing her skills & trying to solve problems on her own!  I consider her saying assholes a parenting win.