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Did I Mention

Saturday, September 11, 2010

that school started (2 weeks ago)?  Remember what the girls looked like last year on the first day of school?  Sheesh, time flies!


The One With Just Her

Sunday, September 5, 2010

In order to supress a wee bit of mother’s guilt, today Paisley gets her very own blog post.  A post all about her without one single mention of her attention hogging sister.  Plus, there is a HUGE pile of 4 loads of laundry that need folding…and I really don’t want to do that, so instead I blog.

Paisley Rae is really starting to get a lot of personality.  “Real” words aren’t coming out of her mouth too much yet, but does the girl ever jabber.  She will have a whole conversation with herself in her cute little language.  It’s simply adorable.  Her favorite word right now is “hi”.  She loves telling herself “hi” while looking in the mirror.  Melts me.  We’ve also been working on using a cup with a straw.  It’s her favorite thing in the world.  But most of the time she sucks more water than she can swallow.  So she opens her mouth and lets it run down her chin.  Messy but adorable.

Her new favorite game is to crawl over to me (or Joe) and throw her head on our lap.  Then she pops up, crawls away, turns around to face us, crawls back to us as fast as she can, and throws her head on our lap again.  We both make a groaning noise like it hurts and she loves it.  She’ll does it over and over again.

Pais rocks at sleeping.  We are able to just snuggle her for about 10 seconds, lay her in her crib & leave the room without hearing a peep from her.  However, she did just give up her morning naps.  Very sad.  Even more sad, her afternoon naps haven’t really gotten longer.  I’m hoping that once she starts walking that she’ll wear herself out more & take a 3 hour nap.  But I’m not complaining because she goes down so easily at 7pm.  Speaking of sleeping, Joe & I are living dangerously.  We have yet to drop her crib mattress.  It’s still on the highest setting!  The child could easily climb out…and she’s totally a climber.  We’ve needed to do it over months, but it’s just such an awful job we easily ignore it.  Poor 2nd child.

PaiRae had her first birthday 3 weeks ago…and I have completely pretended on the blog that it didn’t happen.  We had family over for the afternoon.  It was very laid back but she loved the cake.  Want to see pictures?

I’m excited about this next year.  I love having a one year old.  So many changes happen & they ooze cuteness.  I mean seriously, does it get cuter than this?