It’s Bloggy Blog Time


Look at me…I’m blogging!!

Thought I’d jump back into the blog world by giving you all what you really want, Elle-isms.

Last week I got a text from one of Elle’s baby sitters (and a very good friend of mine) saying: “Ellism of the day…I think I’m falling in love with this man.” John Mayer was on the radio.  I love this child!

Several weeks ago Elle decided that she wanted to be a Starbucks cup for Halloween.  I laughed & moved on, but my Dad asked her why & her response was, “So my Dad will hold me and love me.”  Sheesh, kid!  You already know how to lay it on thick, don’t ya!  So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…our Carm-elle Macchiato.  And yes, she requested that to be a Caramel Macchiato because she knows that’s Joe’s drink of choice.


I really can’t top that Elle-ism, so I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.  Leave me comments so I’ll be encouraged to blog again soon.


16 Responses to “It’s Bloggy Blog Time”

  1. ron Says:

    That is the best costume I’ve ever seen. And I don’t even drink coffee. It’s all about the girl! What’s Paisley going to be?


  2. Robin Harms Says:

    Still think it would make the best commercial!

  3. Maureen Says:

    Awesome. Totally awesome. And please tell me how you made it… pretty please?

    • kellimcgill Says:

      have your husband make it…that’s what i did 🙂

      seriously, it’s just poster board & craft paper for the sleeve. Joe hand drew the logo, but you could totally just print out the image & paste it on there. I did make the whip cream hat. I had a round box lid & I duck taped a plastic cup to it. Then I used spray adhesive (my newest love) to cover it with white fabric & then used spray adhesive to cover the fabric with cotton balls (because i was too lazy to go to walmart and buy poly-fill) & the added some chocolate sprinkles. and voila, done.

  4. Earth Muffin Says:

    I absolutely LOVE that costume!

  5. Sarah Says:

    speaking of laying it on thick… “comment so I’ll blog more.” Sheesh. (and yet, here I am… commenting… I expect results, Kelli!)

  6. Brad Says:

    Probably a good choice to forgo the extra long straw. Very nice costume – even cuter child!

  7. illinigirl Says:

    This is amazing! BUT. . . it’s unfortunate there’s no way to incorporate her name into pumpkin spice latte. . . 🙂

  8. laura Says:

    it’s unfortunate that you had another daughter because I really want to say that she is my favorite little girl ever right now….. i love her 🙂

  9. Nicole Says:

    keep blogging 🙂

    she looks adorable!!

  10. Erika Kleine Says:

    The costume is everything that I hoped it would be…and more. The hat is FAB. Keep blogging because your fans miss you so much that we’re starting a support group. Oh, and since Joe is feeling so crafy…where is the new blog header that he promised MONTHS ago?

  11. Amanda Mohr Says:

    Love that kid…love the costume…love Pais…love you & your blog…would love Joe more if he added Pais to your blog header!! 😉

  12. Dad (Butch) Says:

    Kelli maybe you need to get a starbucks costume for you??!!

  13. jimmah Says:

    do you guys need aprons to go trick or treating with her????

    ps. where’s the carm-elle crosshatch drizzle?? let’s stick to the recipe!

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