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Parenting with a Purpose

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Check the post that I just wrote for our children’s ministry blog:

Being a mom of two young children can be completely exhausting, but lately I’ve been trying to be a lot more intentional about the conversations I have with my kids.  My oldest daughter is 4 years old.  As you all know, 4 year olds are crazy curious about the world around them.  Elle has hundreds of questions a day & pushes more boundaries than I care to talk about. But every once in a while I’m able to take our conversations to a deeper level.  You know, take it beyond the “stop it” and the “did you wash your hands?” type interaction.

Last week my girls and I were in the car and Elle asked me what the word “purpose” means.  I nearly brushed her off with a quick answer that basically just said that purpose is the reason that something is made.  Thankfully I caught myself!  Ah ha!  I had a lead in to a really good spiritual conversation.

Elle and I spent several minutes talking about the purpose (or reason) that God made us.  We chatted about how He made us to worship Him.  That then led into a conversation about ways we can worship.  It was so fun to brainstorm ideas with her.  Our list had very common things like singing songs to God and praying.  But we went on to come up with ideas like how it’s worship to help other people.

Then (the conversation just kept leading it’s self into other topics) we talked about WHY God created us.  Did He need us?  Through dialogue she was able to decide that God doesn’t need us but he wants us.  It was so fun to talk about how God wants to spend time with us.  About how amazing it is that the God who created the whole universe wants to be our friend.

Honestly, it was one of my favorite parenting moments in quite awhile and it all happened because of a simple question that I nearly blew off.

Kelli's daughter, Elle


3 Cheers for Vacuums!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Things around work have been super busy lately, and as a result I have been completely wiped out and unmotivated at home.  Chores MAY have begun to slip a bit.  This evening when the girls & I got home, I decided to quickly vacuum the house.  When I got the vacuum out Paisley started bouncing up & down, clapping & yelling “YAY! YAY! YAY!”.  Apparently the floors were so bad that even the 15 month old noticed & was so excited that I was addressing the issue that cheering was her gut reaction.  I love that kid.

Available for Hire

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just a little post dinner entertainment at the McGill household.  They are available for hire at your next dinner party & they accept tips!  (Please notice Paisley giggling in the background.)