What Are You Doing!?


Have I ever mentioned that I have a history of sleep walking?  I haven’t done it since childhood, but it was so bad that my parents had to put an alarm on the front door of our home.  There were 2 instances when my dad found me OUTSIDE.  That’s right, outside in the middle of the night…asleep.

Well, last night we had our own little glimpse into the world of sleep walking.  Joe & I put two very tired girls to bed, sat down for about 15 minutes to go over our weekly budget, and then we started to watch a movie (side note:  good movie, check it out).   Paisley was crying in her room, but we were in ignore mode giving her a few minutes to fall back to sleep.  We were maybe 10 minutes into the movie when Elle walked into the living room.  She didn’t say a word, but sleepily hugged up to Joe.  He hugged her back and I told her to go to the bathroom while she was up.  Elle still doesn’t say a word, but walked toward the bathroom.  But suddenly Paisley’s crying got a lot louder, almost like the door between us & her was open.  Well, that’s because it was open.  I ran down the hall to get Elle out of Paisley’s room…only to find (brace yourselves) Elle standing in the dark room, next to Paisley screaming in her crib with her under-roo’s around her ankles, SQUATTING like she was about to pee!  I joined Paisley in screaming & yelled, “What are you doing!? Get in the bathroom!”

Elle immediately goes running out Paisley’s door (underpants still around her ankles), but she ran right past the bathroom to her bedroom. My mind could not believe what I was seeing and I was still yelling, “What are you doing!?”  I chased her to her bedroom in time to catch her about to sit on the chair in her room as if it were a toilet.  This time I literally picked her up by the waist and ran her to the bathroom, physically placing her on the toilet.  She peed immediately.

All this time Elle didn’t say a word and seemed to have no idea what was going on.  I kept asking Joe, “Did that just happen?”  I was in shock, and then I couldn’t stop laughing.  This morning Elle had no recollection of what happened and Joe and I were still laughing about it.  I keep picturing walking into Paisley’s dark room to find Elle standing there squatting.

I could go without another sleep walking experience for a while.  Let’s hope a door alarm isn’t in our future.

9 Responses to “What Are You Doing!?”

  1. ron Says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. Poor Paisley! The little girl is probably scarred for life! Elle has no memory of this but Paisley will never sleep well again! Can you imagine what was going through that poor little 17 month old brain?!!?

  2. Nicole Says:

    hahaha…i had no idea that you were a sleepwalker! i think that would be terrifying, as a parent, to wake up and find your kid OUTSIDE.

  3. Robin Says:

    Time to chain the front door! Have I ever told you about the times Reagan and Madison have slept walked?? All sleep walking at our house is potty related! Madness!!

  4. jamie Says:

    Whew! Good thing you ran into Paisley’s room right away. And talk about payback for things you did when you were a kid. 🙂

  5. Jan Says:

    As if there aren’t enough scary things about being the parent. 😐 I’d totally be bolting every access point.

    I wonder if Paisley was screaming because of Elle’s activities or something else?

  6. Jeff your uncle Says:

    Thanks for the story. Love you guys…

  7. Anna Says:

    Too funny! I used to sleepwalk, too as a kid. One night my mum found me standing in my second-floor window, yelling. When she got me in bed and asked what I was doing, I said “I didn’t hear me”.

  8. Tiffany Says:

    My sister was a sleep walker too. She unlocked the front door one night, walked out the door and squatted on our front porch. My parents found her before she peed on the porch. Gotta love it! At least you guys know to watch out for it now. WHEW!

  9. Tanya Johnson Says:

    I think sleep walking runs in the family. Jason did something similar as a kid (of course, lol!) Mom found him standing on a chair in the kitchen about to tinkle on the kitchen table. Yes, she caught him before……but wow…..that table would be GONE if he had! I am sure he is glad I shared that…..LOL!

    We have a couple of sleepwalkers in our house too. Hannah has been sound asleep in our backyard petting our dog, who sleeps outside on the back porch.

    Our most current sleep walker is Camryn, she and Hannah have also both experienced night terrors…..screaming like they are on fire for no known reason, you cannot wake them and they have no memory of it the next day. Camryn does both right now, sleepwalk and the terrors.
    She somehow gets down from her top bunk without waking up. About a week ago I woke when I heard one of the girls get up. I walked by our living room and Camryn was sitting on our couch starring at the TV, which was off because it was 3 AM. I just told her to go back to sleep and helped her lay back down on the couch.

    I find that the middle of the night stuff happens more when they are over-tired at bedtime. You are not alone…..and it is so funny….minus the scary-tinkle-in-the-wrong-spot part.

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