More Mohrs to Love


Raise your hand if you’re in the market for some amazing new music!  Earlier this week our good friends Russ & Katie released Russ’s latest music project.  It’s a collection of hymns and spiritual songs…and it’s spectacular.  But wanna know the best part?  (Of course you do.)  All the proceeds they earn go straight toward the very quickly approaching adoption of their new son.  Russ & Katie are amazing parents & I’m sooo excited to see Eliot as a big brother.

So go purchase this album.  For $10 you’ll not only walk away with a some great music but you’ll also be supporting this family as they grow & fill up their couch.  Go.  Now.  You won’t be sorry.

Eliot & Elle at the St Patrick's Day Parade (no they haven't been drinking, they just kinda look like it)

Me and The One And Only Mrs Katie Mohr (she's one of my favorite people ever)



2 Responses to “More Mohrs to Love”

  1. Amanda Mohr Says:


    I’m not an excited Aunt at all!!! =)

  2. tiffanynevil Says:

    blog Kelli McGill…blog…

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