Hi, my name is Kelli.  Nice you meet you blog world.  Sheesh.  It’s obvious that blogging has not been my biggest priority the past…year.  Maybe 2.  There was a point in time when my day revolved around the blog post I was writing in my head.  About the time Miss Paisley arrived I also started taking on more responsibilities and hours at work. (By the way, who does that!?  Only  me I think.)  The blog quickly went to the bottom of my priority list.  I mean, I hardly had time or energy to feed my children.  It wasn’t pretty.

But now milestones are starting to happen & I miss documenting it.  Honestly, I have gotten really crummy at taking pictures on something besides my cell phone.  It’s time to get my act together…for both myself & my girls.

Speaking of milestones.  Today was a doozy.  A milestone that every mom dreads.  Today Elle started Kindergarten.  She literally got on a school bus with 40(ish) children that she had never met.  Was she nervous?  Elle doesn’t even know what nervous feels like.  She marched right up those enormous steps, found an empty seat next to a boy, and immediately started talking.  The child didn’t even look out the window as they pulled away for her momma!  (Do I sound bitter?)

Paisley wasn’t a fan of Elle going to school this morning.  She whimpered a bit & pointed to the bus.  It was sweet!  And honestly, it was good because I was too distracted by her to let myself get emotional.  Besides I got a little emotional last night while talking to Joe so I didn’t need to do it again.  The whole emotion of her growing so quickly, paired with the thought that she is going to have a whole little world at school that I’m not part of…whew…it got to me.

I am so thankful that God made her to be the brave, independent, bold little lady that she is.  I don’t have to worry one bit about her blending into the background and being overlooked.  She’ll never be lonely.  She’ll shine and be in the center of the action (in both good and bad ways, I’m sure).

Let’s quickly take a walk down memory lane:

Preschool year 1

Preschool year 2


Ok…so help me out by doing 2 things.

1 – Leave me a comment.  Blogging is much for fun when you have comments.  Your feel like you’re not just writing to no one.  More comments means higher chance I’ll blog often.

2 – Bomb Joe’s facebook page with requests for a new blog header.  Poor Paisley turns TWO this week!


24 Responses to “Kindergarten”

  1. Robin Harms Says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweet! So is a gray tank top her favorite to wear on the first day of school since she is wearing one in both photos?

  2. Robin Says:

    sniff, sniff! She will shine indeed!!

  3. Laura Says:

    *tear* Why does it have to go so fast? I’m planning a 1st birthday party for my newborn and you just put yours on a bus…. The world is whacky!!

  4. Susan Says:

    yesterday i put my oldest son aaron on the kindergarten bus and now he’s 30.

  5. Kim Says:

    Oh my goodness. Here I keep telling you it will be harder on you & I started crying like a baby reading your blog. Man, I’m gonna be a basket case when Kiss starts Preschool.

  6. Barbara Bosch Says:

    Very nice Kelly. Thanks for sharing. I remember when my oldest was in kindergarten thinking, “Wow, that’s what a fourth grader looks like!” It seemed so far removed from me. But, here we are!

  7. Lisa Says:

    oh my…I’m right there with you on the emotional rollercoaster. Ava starts preschool and Mitchell is starting the 6th grade center. The first year of three schools for me. As for the photo…maybe you can just tell Pais. that it is her in the photo and Elle was hiding behind you!!!

  8. Scott Says:

    want me to send some college brochures?

  9. tammy Says:

    Love it that you blogged today. You both have done an amazing job of raising a daughter that is independent, secure, and fearless.. she is loved… and she knows it. In my world that is the greatest gift you can give your children…sooner than you realize you will be thinking about this day again as your grandchildren get on the bus… trust me. you’ve done good today mom..can’t wait to talk to Elle later to see how her day went. the first day of school has been my screen saver every year… time for a new photo… sigh.

  10. Denise Says:

    More posts, woman! Your children are too beautiful to miss!

  11. Bree Says:

    I love reading your blog and seeing you and Joes kids. Growing up with Joe was awsome. Its great to see Elle and how independit she is. My daughter is starting Kendergaten in a week I am not prepaird. I hope I can hold it together as well as you.

  12. Amanda Mohr Says:

    I am so glad that you shared this experience with us!! I always love reading your blog…Elle stories keeps me in stiches. I know that she will do great. And I know that Pais will grow in a new way not having sister there all of the time. Love you Kelli!!!

    Now….off to Joe’s Facebook…we really have to get Paisley added to this blog!!

  13. Maureen Says:

    Kelly, welcome back! Elle looks so grown up! Next year I too will have a kindergardener and I already know I’ll be a hot mess! Now we need a photo of Paisley to see how grown up she is. Maureen

  14. Aimee @ Says:

    Love the pictorial review of the girls. Wow. How time flies. Glad to see you on the blogosphere, Miss Kelli, with or without the new blog header :).

  15. Lorie Titsworth Nelson Says:

    Love your blog! I put my daughter in kindergarten yesterday, and she’ll be a married 22 year old 2 weeks from Sat. Don’t blink; you’ll miss something!

  16. Debbie Woods Says:

    I drove my daughter to school yesterday. She walked in and never looked back. Now she will be 31 in a month.


    You are supper parents. Elle will show your love to others.

  17. Jan Says:

    So cool! I can’t wait to hear what she has to tell about her day. 🙂

  18. Anna Says:

    I bet she enjoyed every bite of that homemade brownie. Lucky girl.

  19. katie Says:

    I’ve missed you. And your stories. Entertain me on a regular basis, please. Thanks.

  20. Torri Peterson Says:

    Oh my. I am feeling it with you, sister! I can’t believe my little precious gift is off to kindergarten too. I have at least had the benefit of this now being the 2nd time to send one to kindergarten. I am encouraged by your comments regarding Elle’s boldness and friendly nature. Since her c-o-c (cohort in crime) at church is equally bold, I can be comforted that she will be enjoying the experience of kindergarten far more than I will. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  21. Nicole Says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to talk to Elle about how things are going at school!

  22. Kim Lehnen Says:

    Your Mom is right, you & Joe have done a great job. It is hard letting go though. My two will both be in high school this year, so I feel for you. Enjoy each milestone!

  23. Sandy Says:

    You are amazing parents, with 2 beautiful daughters. You are so Blessed

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