Good Different


I’m officially a week late for sharing Paisley’s birthday BUT that’s early compared to her first birthday that never got mentioned.  Mother of the year.

I have decided that Paisley is a mystery to me.  She and I are so different.  In fact, I feel like she is so different from everyone in our house.  I love it, but at the same time she is going to take a lot of work.  Most of that work is just going to be mental as I’m trying to figure her out.

Joe, Elle & I are very independent people. We’re completely happy to be solitary, Paisley however needs to be with someone at all times.  But more than that, she needs to be touching someone at all times.  If I’m sitting she needs to be ON TOP OF ME.  I could be sitting here typing away on my laptop and she walks up to me and requests my lap.  Clearly my lap is occupied, this does not stop her.  And 95% of the time my coveted lap becomes her space.  In fact, she likes human contact so much that is will walk up to complete strangers at church and raise her arms asking to be held.  Now, once she in their arms she won’t even acknowledge their existence, she won’t even give them a smile.  It’s kinda funny.

She is sensitive and I…well, I’m not.  For years Joe has claimed that I “have no soul”.  It kinda stings, but he’s right.  I am just not overly emotional and in-turn I don’t have a lot of patience for overly sensitive people.  I have a feeling like God made Pais this way on purpose.  I may need her to soften me a bit.  We have noticed that she is going to take a whole different type of disciplining than Elle.  Pais fights to hold back tears if you simply give her a stern look.

Everyday with her I realize that God gave her to us to help better us.  She is helping to make us better people and I couldn’t image our family without her.


4 Responses to “Good Different”

  1. Ron Woods Says:

    Not that this isn’t true with Elle … but it’s totally different with Paisley. Just like you are saying it is. SHE HAS TOTALLY WON MY HEART. That little innocent smile has swept me off my feet. I would change the course of the Mississippi River for her …

  2. Aimee @ Says:

    Have you heard of the book Nuture by Nature? It’s Myers-Briggs for kids. I’d bet PR is an E (extravert) and an F (feeling). So am I (takes one to know one). Oh, and her love language is touch. Don’t you love me typing your child online?

    Not sure about the other two letters in her Myers-Briggs profile, but I can attest one letter difference is enough to make a world of difference between two people, especially if one is the parent and the other the child!

    • kellimcgill Says:

      Oh! I’m going to need to get my hands on that book! So interesting. I loved reading The Birthorder Connection.

      Sidenote: My love language is gifts. Joe has learned that he can make me a happy girl with surprising me with the littlest things. Like grabbing me a soda at a gas station on his way home from work will melt my heart (pathetic, right?)!

  3. tiffanynevil Says:

    I’m an I totally feel ya Pais! I’m gushing with emotions. It’s ridiculous. I didn’t know there was a Myers-Briggs for kids Aimee W.! I’m going to pick that up!

    And Kell-you are an awesome, fun, and creative Mom. You ARE Mom of the Year to those girls. I just can’t wait to see how Pais and Elle work out their relationship with one another. 😀

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