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Marital Woo

Monday, September 19, 2011

Me:  Pais, that smell’s awful!  Did you poop?

Pais:  Yep.

Me:  Ok, let’s change your diaper.

As I am laying her down to changer her diaper, my phone rings.  I glance at the caller ID and notice that it’s Joe.  

Me:  Hey, can I call you right back.  I’m in the middle of a BIG poop.

Joe:  Ok?

Me:  WAIT!  I mean a big poopy diaper.  I’m not pooping.  I promise.  This is awkward.  I’ll call you back.

I continued to laugh through the entire (non-poopy – that was some nasty gas she passed) diaper change.   And then I called him back and we both laughed.  

Happy Birthday, Mr McGill.  Welcome to 30.  Can’t wait to grow old with you.

Birthday Boy & his Old Lady


Craft Fail

Monday, September 12, 2011

The actual time that I have for a good craft project is severely lacking, but that doesn’t stop me from “pinning” away like crazy on pintrest.  My list of dream projects is growing by the minute.

This mirror stole my heart and I immediately knew that I wanted to recreate it in my kitchen.

Adorable, right?

So I bought all the supplies, rolled up my sleeves and got going.  The red spoons I bought weren’t quite the right shade of red…so spray paint to the rescue.  Yes.  I spray painted 150 plastic spoons.  The mirror I purchased as a party store.  I used hot glue to attach the spoons to the mirror.

All went well…at first.  Joe helped me hang the mirror (not something easy to do when the exterior edge is covered with hot glued plastic spoons).  It was hung perfectly so I quickly grabbed the window cleaner and wiped the finger prints away.  We stepped back to admire our handy work and LITERALLY 4 seconds later about 5 spoons fell off.  Plink, plink, plink.  AND the plinking hasn’t stopped.  Daily.  We’ll be quietly sitting in the living room and “plink, plink, plink”…followed by some groaning on my part.  I’ll close to door to the garage and “plink, plink, plink”.  This what is currently hanging in my kitchen.

Mirror Fail

I’ll be trying to find another glue option is weekend…otherwise I’ll be patching the holes created to hang the mirror.

One entertaining thing is that the girls have decided to take the spoons when they fall to decorate the potted plants.  So our plants all have spoons planted in the soil.

15 Minutes from Bread Co

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have 15 minutes to myself (I escaped work early to hit up Costco without children. You’re jealous of my exciting life, aren’t you?).  I have 15 spare minutes so I swung into Bread Co to blog.  Just wanted to share my stellar moment from last night.

Last night I was alone in the car, stopped at a 4 way stop light.  It was late.  No one was at the other 3 parts of the intersection yet our light was red…and seemed to stay red a bit too long for my tired body.  I may have started talking to the red light.  Politely asking it to change to green.  “You know that you want to turn green.”  At that point I glanced to my right only to see a car full of high school boys staring at me.  Lovely.  So what does any self-preserving 30 year old mom do?  I continued to talk to myself.  Surely the boys next to me would think that I had one of those fancy cars with a built in phone system, right?  Yup, I continued to fake talk to myself self in the car so a bunch of  16 year old wouldn’t think I’m crazy.

What have you done recently to cover up your crazy???