15 Minutes from Bread Co


I have 15 minutes to myself (I escaped work early to hit up Costco without children. You’re jealous of my exciting life, aren’t you?).  I have 15 spare minutes so I swung into Bread Co to blog.  Just wanted to share my stellar moment from last night.

Last night I was alone in the car, stopped at a 4 way stop light.  It was late.  No one was at the other 3 parts of the intersection yet our light was red…and seemed to stay red a bit too long for my tired body.  I may have started talking to the red light.  Politely asking it to change to green.  “You know that you want to turn green.”  At that point I glanced to my right only to see a car full of high school boys staring at me.  Lovely.  So what does any self-preserving 30 year old mom do?  I continued to talk to myself.  Surely the boys next to me would think that I had one of those fancy cars with a built in phone system, right?  Yup, I continued to fake talk to myself self in the car so a bunch of  16 year old wouldn’t think I’m crazy.

What have you done recently to cover up your crazy???


4 Responses to “15 Minutes from Bread Co”

  1. Ron Says:

    At least you were not in a minivan when it happened.

  2. Jan Says:

    I don’t cover up my crazy. I let it shine for all the world to see.

    (Mine usually involves rocking out to the song on the radio — but *only* when I’m stopped at a light.)

  3. Aimee @ everydayepistle.com Says:

    You don’t even want to know… Like Jan, when I’m caught giving a concert in the car, I just keep singing louder and head-bobbing more emphatically. Makes em jealous of all the fun I’m having… yeah, right…

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